Tax Solutions Network

Membership Terms and Conditions


Purpose of the Tax Solutions Network

The Tax Solutions Network is operated by Winning Publications, Inc., for the purpose of providing information and educational products and services to the general public.

Membership Fees and Benefits

The annual membership fee is $1,200 for the federal tax component and $600 for the state tax component. Membership is renewable after the first year at $600.

Your annual membership fee entitles you to the following benefits:

1. A complete Tax Situation Analysis of your federal and state (if included) tax problem. Your TSA will be provided in a written evaluation that sets forth the steps to follow to resolve your situation.

2. Letter writing by Dan Pilla. Dan Pilla will assist you in drafting all correspondence related to IRS or state tax audit or collection notices, including demands for payment, letters relating to installment agreements or uncollectible status, lien appeals, wage and bank levy appeals, and protest letters regarding audit or collection actions, Offers in Compromise, and penalty and interest abatements.

3. Personal Consultation with Dan Pilla. Personal Consultation is conducted by appointment via telephone only in fifteen-minute sessions at the times specified by Winning Publications, Inc. Details of the Personal Consultation service are provided in the Personal Consultation brochure. 

4. Discounts on eligible Winning Publications products.  A list of current Winning Publications, Inc., products is enclosed. This discount also applies to future products offered by Winning Publications, Inc. during your membership.

5. Discounts on professional services through the Tax Freedom Institute, Inc. 

The annual membership fee is due upon registration as a TSN member. Your membership fee can be automatically billed to your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card account. You agree to provide a current credit card account number and expiration date to Winning Publications, Inc. If monthly payments are set up, you are responsible to contact Winning Publications, Inc. if a new card is needed to complete your payments. It is agreed that no other charges will be billed to such account unless you specifically so authorize.

If you do not have a current credit card account, you agree to pay the membership fees, at the billing terms set up with your first payment. Until paid in full, you are responsible to make monthly payments, no bills are sent. Failure to make current payments will result in cancellation of the membership with no refund of prior payments.



Annual membership fees are subject to change without notice except that the fee in effect at the time of initial registration will be honored for one year from the date of such registration. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. Refunds are pro rated on a monthly basis and a $400 processing and administrative fee will be assessed. No refund will be granted after Dan Pilla completes the Tax Situation Analysis described above. To cancel, submit a written request to Winning Publications, Inc., and include a copy of your receipt and return the membership package. Memberships canceled for any reason can be renewed at any time at the rates in effect at the time of renewal.


Statement Regarding Membership and Services

It is understood that membership in the Tax Solutions Network does not involve the purchase of, solicitation for the purchase of, or the rendering of legal services, which can only be rendered by individuals licensed to practice law, nor does membership in the Tax Solutions Network involve the purchase of, solicitation for the purchase of, or issuance of any insurance policy of any kind whatsoever. It is understood that the Tax Solutions Network assumes no liability of any kind for the performance of legal or accounting services, including the preparation or filing of federal or state income tax returns, or the payment of fees, costs or obligations of any kind, other than as expressly stated in the brochures enclosed with this Statement of Membership Terms and Conditions.

Except as otherwise specifically described above and in the brochures enclosed with this Statement of Membership Terms and Conditions, membership in the Tax Solutions Network does not entitle members to personal representation by Daniel J. Pilla, or any officer, agent or employee of Winning Publications, Inc., or any officer, agent, employee or member of the Tax Freedom Institute, Inc., before the Internal Revenue Service or other federal or state law enforcement agency. Copyright © 2015 Winning Publications. All rights reserved. Call us at 1 800-553-6458