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In 1984, the IRS began to implement its secret plan to audit every citizen each year. To do this, IRS set out to eliminate deductions and cash, number every person and track all transactions. This book chronicles the IRS's progress. The latest, and perhaps most potent tool in its arsenal is the new "economic reality" audit. Claiming citizens cheat more by underreporting income than by inflating deductions, IRS intends to examine every aspect of your lifestyle to find where you're cheating. It has turned the typical tax audit into a criminal investigation designed to uncover hoards of unreported income.


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13 IRS Bluffs And Intimidations And How To Counter

Take the gamble out of the game and know what you do not owe. Recognizing these bluffs becomes the ace up your sleeve in IRS confrontations.

15 Secrets To Effective Communication

Communicating with IRS personnel is a difficult task. Communicating with IRS computers is next to impossible if you don't know these secrets.

10 Essential Tax Audit Rights

Here are ten important rights the IRS doesn't want you to know. Knowing these rights is often the difference between paying and not paying additional taxes.

2 Key Signs To An Economic Reality Audit

Learn how to instantly spot whether the IRS has selected you for the new, grueling "economic reality" audit. If you don't know what the key signs are, you might very well find the IRS looking through your home, your living room, even your bedroom in an effort to evaluate your "lifestyle" and "spending patterns."

2 Steps To Stopping An Economic Reality Audit

If you know these two simple yet critical moves, you can stop an "economic reality" audit in its tracks. Even the IRS' own internal documents admit they do not have the authority to make you comply with much of their demands.

11 Ground Rules You Can Establish Before An Audit Conference

When you establish these ground rules before face-to-face confrontations with the IRS, it sends a message that indicates you are well prepared, unintimidated and knowledgeable of your rights.

10 Ways To Prove Deductions And Verify Income

It is not uncommon for the IRS to flatly disallow deductions or to add phantom income to your declared amount. Proving deductions can be easy, but disproving income can be a real trick.

How To Appeal Tax Audit Decisions

Did you know IRS audit decisions are wrong between 60 to 90 percent of the time? Well it's true! Even more important is the fact that the auditor's decision is never final. You always have the right to appeal and when you do, expect to win! The process is remarkably simple, when you know these strategies.

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