A Direct Connection to Solve Your Tax Collection Problems

The "Ask the Expert" section is for individuals who have questions regarding tax collection problems. We can also handle any kind of problem you may be having with the IRS. We can guide you towards what you need to do to start solving your tax problem.   However, we are not equipped able to answer questions about the preparation of your tax return. If you need help with tax preparation, please visit our Tax Freedom Institute referal page and find a tax professional nearest you.


There are five ways to get help with your tax problems in TaxHelpOnline:


  1. "Ask The Expert" - Email advice about Tax collection problems and the IRS. For topics you can email us about see below.
  2. Order any of our books for your specific tax problem. Learn more about our books and Dan Pilla. Dan also has a newsletter, Pilla Talks Taxes, that keeps you up to date on the latest tax issues.
  3. Click on Tax Help Now tab for twenty-nine of America's most common IRS problems.
  4. If you are in need of more personal help with your problem, we have a consultation service available on a fee basis. For just $249, you are entitled to one hour of telephone consultation with Daniel J. Pilla. The consultation is conducted by appointment in four fifteen-minute sessions, so you have four separate opportunities to talk directly with Dan about your problem.. Call our toll free number , 1-800- 553-6458 for more information.
  5. Combine a personal evaluation with a year of consultations by joining our Tax Solutions Network.