Whether you need a professional for return filing, business accounting, solving collection disputes, or for legal defense, this day and age requires that your professional be trained to defend your taxpayer rights.

Before hiring a tax professional you should ask these questions...

  • What is Form 8275 and why should it be used in filing every long form return?

  • What is the form used to gain an extension of time to PAY your tax withour added penalties?

  • Are federal taxes dischargeable in bankruptcy?

  • How do affidavits help you audit-proof and penalty-proof your tax return?

  • How does Form 9465 prevent levies against personal or business property?

  • How do you prove personal or business deductions if you have no receipts?

  • What IRS programs allow citizens to be forgiven of tax debt they cannot pay?

  • What Tax Amnesty program allows the forgiveness of withholding tax debt?

Those equipped to protect your rights and provide maximum effectiveness to the task at hand will have the answers.

Defending taxpayer rights and preventing IRS abuse are goals shared by every professional member of the Tax Freedom Institute. It cannot begin to be accomplished without understanding these basic principles.

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