Dan Pilla's New Version of How to Get Tax Amnesty

      NEW! Completely rewritten. 
         Published May 2016
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How to Get Tax Amnesty


A Guide to the Forgiveness of IRS Debt


  "It's time to welcome home those lost in debt, for their loss is our loss, and only when they are found can we begin to find ourselves."  Daniel J. Pilla


In the robust 1990's economy, statistics revealed that over a staggering 20 million citizens owed taxes they could not pay.  It was America's dirty little secret. In today's economy, these numbers are even more staggering with more people than ever in trouble with the IRS.  Add confusing laws, abusive tax collection, costly pentalies, usurious interest rates with high tax rates and you have the formula for millions of people with staggering tax debt and the feeling they will never be free of this debt during their lifetime.  


DEEP within our economy lies an entire culture comprised of those who have resigned themselves to a lifetime of running and hiding from the tax man. There is no freedom and there is no rest. Their hope each day is only for survival and someday for... Tax Amnesty

Dan Pilla's book, How to get Tax Amnesty has shown, all is not hopeless. 

People can be forgiven of tax debt!


OVER 250,000 copies sold!  


started the Tax Problem Resolution Industry with thousands

of Tax Professionals using the concepts found in this book.

Before you talk with anyone on solving your tax problem, you need to get this book and make sure you are getting the right advice to truly solve your problem.  

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Dan Pillas master work and national bestseller is now all new.


In the last decades, massive reforms to IRS procedures have changed the landscape considerably for settling your tax debt. And while the IRS is working hard to bilk millions from people like you, these new procedures give us even more hope for settling your tax debt. With all the changes our friends at the IRS made recently, there’s more you need to know to solve your tax problems once and for all. That’s why Dan completely rewrote his best sellerHow to Get Tax Amnesty.  How to Get Tax Amnesy been completely re-written from cover to cover, with all new information on your rights when dealing with the IRS. This is the book that changed the face of tax collection forever. It is Dans work that forced the IRS to modify its penalty assessment and abatement procedures, and it is Dans work that forced the IRS to revamp its Offer in Compromise program so beleaguered taxpayers now have a reasonable chance to put their problem behind them. And, Dan was the first to expose and prove unequivocally that federal income taxes were dischargeable in bankruptcy—a fact the IRS lied about for twenty-two years!


How to Get Tax Amnesty includes detailed discussions on:


·         Collection Due Process Appeals

·         Negotiating Installment Agreements

·         How to Appeal all Collection Actions

·         Using the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate

·         Negotiating Offers in Compromise

·         What Every Taxpayer Needs to Know About the Collection Statute of Limitations

·         How to Identify Important IRS Correspondence

·         How to Stop Levies Before They Happen

·         Dealing with Penalties, Including the Oppressive “Frivolous Submissions Penalty”

·         How to Release Wage and Bank Levies

·         Dan’s Definitive Guide to Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy

·         Including a Glossary, Table of Abbreviations and Detailed Index, and more


There is only one path to Tax Amnesty: the path of knowledge- knowing your rights.  As you will discover within the pages of Dan's book How to Get Tax Amnesty, the path is well trodden and paved with the success of many who, armed with knowledge, have gone before you and won.


 About 20 years ago I was in the middle of "tax debt hell." After a failed marriage, lost wages and trying to catch-up with my tax debt, the IRS was pursuing diligently with all kinds of penalties that amounted close to $30K. Thanks to a radio commercial, I heard about your book "Tax Amnesty" and quickly ordered it. It took a few years, but through the steps outlined in your book, I was able to settle and pay the tax burden. I can't begin tell you the feeling I got when that burden was lifted from me. Today I have a great marriage, a house, excellent credit, and file every year without any worries. 
Thanks for all the work you do! Your work was a gift from God to me. Sorry for not thanking you sooner. May the Lord continue to bless the work he's given you.

Dan, from Pennsylvania.






A Guide to the Forgiveness of IRS Debt


  Completely rewritten. 

Published May 15, 2016
  Order Now!  $39.95



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