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A Direct Connection to Solve Your Tax Collection Problems

This site offers you various ways to help you solve your tax problem.  Unlike many sites that require you to owe more than $10,000 before they are willing to work with you, we have options available to assist you in solving your tax problem no matter how big or small. 


Start by looking over our site.

We suggest you start with the tab Tax Help Now found at the top of each page of our site. This link will take you to a page that has links to articles on Quick Solutions as well as a section with answers to Twenty-Nine of America's most common IRS problems. We have a lot of free information found throughout our site, including Dan's Collection of FREE Special Research Reports.


Multiple books available for for your specific tax problem.

Learn more about our books available by Dan Pilla. Dan also has a newsletter, Pilla Talks Taxes, that keeps you up to date on the latest tax issues. When you purchase books from us directly, either through this site or by calling the number below, you are also eligible for one free phone consultation with Dan Pilla (a $75 value).


Consultations with Dan. 

If you are in need of more personal help with your problem, we have a consultation service available on a fee basis. For just $249, you are entitled to one hour of telephone consultation with Daniel J. Pilla. The consultation is conducted by scheduling your appointments in four fifteen-minute sessions, so you have four separate opportunities to talk directly with Dan about your problem.  Need only one 15 Minute consultation? $75 for 15 minutes available by calling our office. 
Call our toll free number , 1-800- 553-6458 for more information. on purchasing and scheduling consultations.

Talk to the expert! Four 15 Minute Phone consultations with Dan Pilla  $249          


Evaluation Plan of Action with Consultations - Tax Solution Network..  

Combine a personal evaluation plan with a year of consultations by joining our Tax Solutions Network.  Dan will personally set up a plan of action to solve your problem and walk you step by step through the action plan. 

                               Tax Solution Network - Federal Tax Problem  $1200              
          Also have a State problem? only $600 more for both:
                               Tax Solution Network - Federal  & State Tax Problem  $1800    


Direct Representation. 

Dan does take on clients as direct representation clients where he has power of attorney in dealing with the IRS in and in Tax Court.  He can talk with you about his availability to handle your case and the fees involved. Since each case is unique, he does not offer a flat fee for this service.  (Minimum retainer fees apply, starting at 15 hours minimum.)  The majority of our clients start with the Tax Solution Network and if they desire Dan to do more they can discuss switching to this option with Dan.

You are unique and your problem needs to be looked at uniquely!


Dan has been working with people with tax problems for over 35 years. Dan  wrote the book, How to Get Tax Amnesty,  which helped over 230,000 people and created the tax resolution industry. Unfortunately, many of the so-called "tax help" companies don't take into account that one program does not work for everyone. You are unique and need someone who has had over 35 years of success fighting and winning cases against the IRS.


Go with the Expert - get help from Dan Pilla!  Call us at 1-800-553-6458.





Emailing us further questions:  

You can email questions for advice about tax collection problems and the IRS. If you have a question on a topic that we can address, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We can guide you towards what you need to do to start solving your tax problem. 
        Note: We will add your email address to our email lifo list if we recieve a question from you.

The "Ask the Expert" section is for individuals who have questions regarding tax collection problems. We can handle any kind of tax problem you may be having with the IRS but are not fully equipped to answer questions about the preparation of your tax return. If you need help with tax preparation, please visit the Tax Freedom Institute referal page to find a tax professional nearest you.  (See below for topics you can email about)..

These are the topics we CAN address in our email "Ask the Expert:"

Tax audits Tactics and strategies for dealing with the auditor; how to prove deductions and verify income and how to appeal audit decisions.
Appeals The time and place of appeal, how to write appeal letters and the strategies needed to win on appeal.
Computer notices How to respond to computer audit notices, collection notices, missing tax return claims, etc.
Penalties How to cancel computer penalty notices, how to deal with penalties in audits and appeals and other general penalty questions.
Collection If you owe taxes you cannot pay or IRS is demanding you pay taxes you do not owe, we can address all those concerns. This includes questions and problems about tax liens, levies and seizures, installment payment negotiations and all other aspects of tax collection, including what to do if you cannot pay by April 15. We can also answer questions about the IRS's tax amnesty programs and how they work. For more on this, see our book, How to Get Tax Amnesty, by Daniel J. Pilla.

These are the topics we Don't address in email "Ask the Expert:"

Tax preparation What is or is not deductible, how to complete forms and schedules, etc.
Tax planning How to structure businesses and other entities.
General bookkeeping General questions about bookkeeping issues.

If you are in need of a tax professional to help you with these concerns, please visit the Tax Freedom Institute Referal page. The Tax Freedom Institute is our national association of tax professionals who can help in most every area of taxes, including preparation. These professionals charge reasonable fees for their services. Copyright © 2015 Winning Publications. All rights reserved. Call us at 1 800-553-6458