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 Dan Pilla Small Business Tax Guide 300

Dan's latest book

Retail $39.95 


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Dan Pilla's

The Complete Guide to
Organizing and Operating Your Small Business


Features How-to information you can't find anywhere else!


In the Small Business Tax Guide,
Dan covers important topics including:

 · Identifying the 15 most common mistakes small business make, and how to avoid them –
 · Whether an LLC, Subchapter S corporation or partnership is best for you -

· Everything you need to know about hiring employees and using independent contractors – 

· How to properly set up and use an office in your home-

· How to avoid the IRS’s costly “hobby loss” rules –

· How to avoid tax penalties that can kill your business –

· How to properly deduct business travel and mileage expenses –

· Understanding the complex new rules for business meals and entertainment expenses –

· Dan’s fool-proof recordkeeping system to keep you out of trouble with the IRS



It’s not enough to be the creative genius behind your company. You also have to keep your company out of trouble with the IRS. Don’t get clobbered for violating tax rules you never knew existed. If you currently operate, or intend to operate your own small business, you need this important new book by Dan Pilla. 


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An Insider's Guide
to Successfully Negotiating
With the IRS

By Daniel J Pilla

Chronicled from the files of the nation's
most successfule and respected
taxpayers' rights advocate.

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How to Win Your Tax Audit

An Insider’s Guide to Successfully Negotiating with the IRS

Discover Now...

In this powerful and informative book, you’ll learn these insider tactics and strategies to guarantee that you’ll NEVER FEAR THE IRS AGAIN!

  • 7 Ways the IRS Attacks Your Tax Return—and How to Counter
       Take the gamble out of the game and know what you what you do not owe.
        Recognizing these bluff becomes the ace up your sleeve in IRS communications.

  • How to Stop the IRS From Contacting Your Bank, Employer, Friends or Neighbors
         With the number of third-party contacts growing fast, it is important to follow these rules to
         keep the IRS from exposing your tax audit to the world.

  • 10 Ways to Prove Deductions and Verify Income
       It is not uncommon for the IRS to flatly disallow deductions or to add phantom income to your
       declared amount. Proving deductions can be easy, but disproving income can be a real trick.

  • 15 IRS Bluffs and Intimidations—and How to Counter
      Learn critical strategies for preventing the IRS from taking unfair advantage of you.

  • 3 Simple Steps to Effectively Challenge any Erroneous Information Return
        Tens of millions of erroneous information returns--Form 1099 and W-2--are filed with the
         IRS every year. Using these simple steps will ensure that you are never hurt by one of these forms. 

  • 11 Essential Taxpayers Rights—and How to Assert Them
        Here are important rights the IRS doesn't want you to know. Knowing these rights is often
         the difference between paying and not paying additional taxes.

  • 11 Ground Rules to Establish Before Your Audit
       When you establish these ground rules before face-to-face confrontations with the IRS, it
       sends a message that indicates you are well prepared, unintimidated and knowledgeable of your rights.

  • 14 Secrets to Effective Communication
        Communicating with IRS personnel is a difficult task. Communicating with IRS computers is next
         to impossible if you don't know these secrets.

  • And much more!
        Including a special feature dealing with one of the fastest growing IRS problems, How to Prevent and
        Solve Identity Theft. 


Win Tax Audit 400px


How to Win Your Tax Audit

An Insider's Guide to Sucessfully Negotiating with the IRS    

Only $29.95 Order Now! 

"There really is not a greater tax expert than Dan Pilla! 
  We recommend that everyone purchase How To Win Your Tax Audit."
      -John Wesley Nobles, Fair Tax Radio
"Accessible and user-friendly, How to Win Your Tax Audit is an excellent way to overcome one's fear of the IRS and fortify oneself against potential disaster."    
     -Mary Cowper , Cowper's Bookshelf        Midwest Book Review



 Double Your Tax Refund

How to Double Your Tax Refund... 

This is the book with Dan's advice  to help you save on your taxes...


Most of the information found in Double Your Refund is updated 
and now part of  Dan Pilla's Small Business Tax Guide.


We are no longer selling this book which previously retailed for $24.95.

However, while supplies last, 
you can get it for free with any other book purchase from our site.

How to DOUBLE your Tax Refund...

  • Use the techniques and strategies in this book to cut your taxes to their lowest legal level.

  • Learn how to get your tax refund in every paycheck and keep from overpaying your taxes.

  • Learn how to audit-proof and penalty-proof your tax return so you can claim all your deductions without risk.

  • Bonus Materials include commonly overlooked deductions and retriement account strategies.

  • While supplies last, get a Double Your Tax Refund for free when you order any other book from our site, 
    To receive, simply put Double in the comments area of the cart.   OTHER PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE






How TO Eliminate Taxes on Debt Forgiveness by Dan Pilla


A Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing
and Recovering Taxes on Canceled Debt

            √ Home Foreclosures               
            √ Bankruptcies                          
            √ Credit Card Debt Reduction
            √ And More                              

Don't Pay Taxes on Canceled Debt! 


ORDER NOW! $49.95 



It's been a number of rough years financially, but you have a plan and are working on getting debt free. It is possible that you received forgiveness of some of your high credit card debts or maybe you are finally reaching the end of a home foreclosure. You are seeing a light at the end of the high debt tunnel.

But what's this?
In the mail you receive a 1099-C saying you owe taxes on the amount of debt you were told was forgiven?

Now you owe the IRS thousands?


This happens to people more often than you would think.
What can you do? How can you get your financial life back in order?

There is hope. Dan Pilla talks with people who have been caught up in the above scenario every week. 
For this reason, Dan wrote the book


The Bad News -  America's Financial Crisis is Taking an Unimaginable Toll 

  • Since 2008, the number of consumer bankruptcies has skyrocketed
  • Americans are losing their homes more often now than at any time since the Great Depression
  • Consumer credit card debt has soared and our savings have all but disappeared
  • Businesses are failing and citizens are losing their jobs at an alarming rate
  • And despite historic low interest rates, people are defaulting on business and personal loans, credit cards, car loans, mortgages and student loans 

Bankruptcies – Foreclosures – Repossessions – Defaults - Short Sales - Loan Restructurings

All of these are happening at tragically high rates —  And there's no end in sight.

As bad as these financial nightmares are, things get even worse when the IRS shows up.

Home foreclosures, credit card debt forgiveness, short sales, canceled student loans, even negotiated settlements with creditors can lead to debt forgiveness income.

"What's that?" you ask. That's when you get IRS Form 1099-C saying that you actually received "income" when your debt was forgiven. So on top of all the other bad news, the IRS expects you to pay taxes on phantom income! This adds insult to your already painful financial injury and can lead to enormous tax debts, including penalties and interest. What starts out as a difficult financial situation quickly becomes an impossible one!


The Good News: Debt can be negotiated, sometimes even canceled, including

  • Credit card debt
  • Business loans
  • Personal loans
  • Hospital bills, and more

Daniel J. Pilla's HOW TO ELIMINATE TAXES ON DEBT FORGIVENESS teaches you How to avoid taxes on debt forgiveness income. He shows you how to cancel this “phantom” income.  

"Pilla is coming to the rescue again." – Booklist 


This Manual gives you everything you need to handle debt forgiveness income, including:

  • Dan's simple analysis of little-known rules, laws and strategies for dealing with any 1099-C
  • Easy-to-understand procedures that guide you every step of the way
  • Forms, instructions and worksheets even your tax preparer probably doesn't know about
  • 7 different procedures to keep the IRS from taking money you don't owe
  • Dan's analysis of new tax laws that help in case of a home foreclosure or short sale
  • How to handle canceled student loans
  • 3 proven strategies to avoid the crushing effects of an incorrect or improper Form 1099-C
  • Even if you already paid taxes on canceled debt, you may be able to get your money back.



          Special Bonus – You also get Dan's live seminar on CD and written lecture notes that give you even more tips and
                                          strategies for keeping the IRS from hitting you with phantom income at the worst possible time. 



     James Cox, Editor-in-Chief of the Midwest Book Review, writes:

“How to Eliminate Taxes on Debt Forgiveness… is a thoroughly ‘user friendly,’ step-by-step guide…Informed, informative, and soundly based upon current tax law, and featuring an accompanying CD, is highly recommended…”

      Frankie Boyer - WBIX Radio Boston - states: "Dan's book is absolutely brilliant."  



This Manual could be the best investment you'll ever make in your financial recovery!





                                                                                                           ORDER NOW! $49.95






IRS Taxes and the Beast Cover

Replaced with How to Win Your Tax Audit

In 1984, the IRS began to implement its secret plan to audit every citizen each year. To do this, IRS set out to eliminate deductions and cash, number every person and track all transactions. This book chronicles the IRS's progress. The latest, and perhaps most potent tool in its arsenal is the new "economic reality" audit. Claiming citizens cheat more by underreporting income than by inflating deductions, IRS intends to examine every aspect of your lifestyle to find where you're cheating. It has turned the typical tax audit into a criminal investigation designed to uncover hoards of unreported income.


Discover Now!...


13 IRS Bluffs And Intimidations And How To Counter

Take the gamble out of the game and know what you do not owe. Recognizing these bluffs becomes the ace up your sleeve in IRS confrontations.

15 Secrets To Effective Communication

Communicating with IRS personnel is a difficult task. Communicating with IRS computers is next to impossible if you don't know these secrets.

10 Essential Tax Audit Rights

Here are ten important rights the IRS doesn't want you to know. Knowing these rights is often the difference between paying and not paying additional taxes.

2 Key Signs To An Economic Reality Audit

Learn how to instantly spot whether the IRS has selected you for the new, grueling "economic reality" audit. If you don't know what the key signs are, you might very well find the IRS looking through your home, your living room, even your bedroom in an effort to evaluate your "lifestyle" and "spending patterns."

2 Steps To Stopping An Economic Reality Audit

If you know these two simple yet critical moves, you can stop an "economic reality" audit in its tracks. Even the IRS' own internal documents admit they do not have the authority to make you comply with much of their demands.

11 Ground Rules You Can Establish Before An Audit Conference

When you establish these ground rules before face-to-face confrontations with the IRS, it sends a message that indicates you are well prepared, unintimidated and knowledgeable of your rights.

10 Ways To Prove Deductions And Verify Income

It is not uncommon for the IRS to flatly disallow deductions or to add phantom income to your declared amount. Proving deductions can be easy, but disproving income can be a real trick.

How To Appeal Tax Audit Decisions

Did you know IRS audit decisions are wrong between 60 to 90 percent of the time? Well it's true! Even more important is the fact that the auditor's decision is never final. You always have the right to appeal and when you do, expect to win! The process is remarkably simple, when you know these strategies.

Only $24.95 Order Now!

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