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Taxpayers' Ultimate Defense Manual...

This manual provides nine different actions, petitions and lawsuits you can file to:

- Recover illegally seized property

- Make the IRS pay when they lose

- Claim a refund on past returns

- Protect the assets of an innocent spouse

- Punish IRS agents for unlawful collection activities

- Prosecute a case in the United States Tax Court

- Carry out a Collection Due Process Appeal

- Get tax liens released

- Gain access to secret IRS files they keep on you

- Predict future audits and collection actions against you

- Protect your business, and much more!

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This Manual Outlines

 An Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step Manner

Nine Actions - Procedures - Petitions - Lawsuits

With These Ultimate Weapons You Can:

Obtain Access To IRS Records...

that can help you predict your audit, the placement of a lien, a criminal referral or many other collection actions. Don't be the victim of a surprise attack!

Blow Apart The Final IRS Bluff!

The mere possession of this weapon could mean you will never have to use it. Be able to defend your wealth with or without a fight!

Have The Power To Take Back...

what was taken from you! Turn a retreat into an advance when you use this weapon to recover money lost in an unjustified attack against your wealth. Don't surrender without a fight!

Protect Your Business!

Know how to defend your business against illegal assessment an collection of employment taxes. Your business is your life!

Make The IRS Pay...

when they lose! The cost of a battle can sometimes be more than the price of surrender. When you can make the IRS pay, why be afraid to fight and win!

Make The IRS Pick On Someone Their Own Size!

When you have warned the IRS to abate an arbitrary bill and they don't listen, let them have it with this weapon that even they cannot defend themselves against. Make them think twice before they ever pick on you again.

Disarm The Explosiveness Of A Lien Or Levy!

Just like a landmine, the effects of a lien or levy can destroy you when you least expect it. When illegally placed, both must be detected and removed as soon as possible.

Punish IRS Agents For Unlawful Acts!

Learn how to catch and prosecute the criminals in this war against IRS abuse.

Recover Illegally Seized Property!

Seizure power is an awesome weapon of the IRS, often used indiscriminately. When used against you, learn how you can turn their own weapon against them to recover your property.

Being Unprepared And Ill-Equipped Means You May Have To Pay Taxes That Those Who Have This Book Won't.


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