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Ron Mueller, Home Business Tax Savings 
Dan Pilla,

 Here is the webinar if you missed it live or wish to review it again: 



"AWESOME webinar!! Can't wait until I get the package. Thank you!"  Scott




What you don't know CAN hurt you.  Too many honest American home-business owners get hurt by the IRS because they don't know how the IRS works, and they don't know their taxpayers' rights.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of

     Wage and Bank Levies 

     IRS Collection actions   

     An Installment Agreement you can’t afford...

YOU CAN resolve these seemingly unresolvable issues!

Are you:

    A Tax Return NON-FILER?

     Owing DEBT on BACK TAXES?

       Experiencing a TAX LIEN on your property?

     Dealing with a LEVY on Wages/Retirement  income?

    Struggling with EMPLOYMENT TAX Liabilities?

     Looking at a Notice of COLLECTION or LEVY?


You've just heard Daniel J. Pilla speak in a live webinar and now know

"there is no such thing as a hopeless tax problem!" 

Now take advantage of Dan's knowledge through a special package developed

                            JUST FOR YOU!




Home Business Tax Savings TAX AMNESTY Package



              “How to Get Tax Amnesty”  2 book set               $54.95 value 

              Wage Levy Special Report                                     $ 9.99 value 

             Tax Solutions (2-hr DVD)                                       $19.99 value 

              Freedom of Information Act Special Report       $ 9.99 value 

              "Pilla Talks Taxes” electronic newsletter            $49.99 value 
                                         (Six month subscription)  

              1 PRIVATE 1-on-1 15-minute 

                            Phone Consultation with Dan Pilla         $75.00 value


 TOTAL RETAIL VALUE    $219.91   YOURS For Only $149 plus ship/handling

                                          Includes all listed above   ORDER NOW!





    …stop Wage and Bank Levies,

    …appeal IRS Collection actions,

    …see the master file IRS keeps on you,

    …negotiate or re-negotiate affordable

        Installment Agreement.

    …settle Tax Debt for far less than owed,

    …use the Taxpayer Advocate's Office 



ORDER NOW!  $149 plus ship/handling

TAX Deductible, of course!




           Dan Pilla, according to the Associated Press, 
knows far more about the IRS than the Commissioner himself.” 


Dr. Ron Mueller

Dan Pilla, according to Dr. Ron Mueller, 
“is the one person I’d want in my corner if I get engaged in battle with the IRS.”



DANIEL J. PILLA is America’s leading expert on how the IRS really works, 
 and on the legal rights of taxpayers to protect themselves from IRS abuse.
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