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Are you tired of living with IRS problems?

Tired of paying too much in taxes?


Dan's TAX SOLUTIONS SEMINARS helped thousands of others and can help you, too! The IRS is in the collection business and collection actions are quickly returning to historic levels. If you currently have a tax problem with the IRS,


Now is the time to get that problem solved!


New rights and procedures under the restructured IRS make tax debt settlement easier now than ever. The return of the IRS to "business as usual" with regard to collecting delinquent taxes makes resolving your problem more crucial than ever.

Tax Solutions Seminars proved to be information-packed conferences that can  help you whether you have a problem, want to avoid problems or want to make sure you're not paying more taxes than you owe.  Seminar topics include tax-saving strategies and tax debt remedies. 

At this time there is not a seminar scheduled 
but we are excited to have a
Seminar DVD of one of his previous seminars.
By ordering this DVD, you also get one 15 minute personal phone conference directly with Dan
to get your personal questions answered (one free session per person, a $75 value).

Want to set up a seminar or webinar with Dan? Contact Jean at 1-800-553-6458.


The Tax Solutions Seminar DVD 
This DVD production is of an actual, live Tax Solutions Seminar.
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