Tax Solution Seminars

Tax Solutions Seminars are two hour information-packed seminars that  helped taxpayers solve a tax problem, avoid tax problems or just make sure they were not paying more taxes than they owed.. Seminar topics include tax-saving strategies and tax debt remedies.

Although Dan is no longer traveling around the country giving these two hour information-packed seminars, you can still get the information to watch and learn.  A Tax Solutions DVD of an actual seminar is available for you to view at your own convenience.  When ordered from us, you also have available one free phone consultation with Dan to discuss and help solve your tax problem. $19.95 Order Now!
Note: With new technology we plan to have Dan give Tax Solution webinars four times a year.
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Taxpayer Defense Conference

Each year since 1993, Tax Freedom Institute founder and Executive Director, Daniel J. Pilla has presented the nation’s leading conferencefor tax professionals, the Taxpayers Defense Conference. Designed specifically for tax pros in the business of helping taxpayers solve IRS audit, appeal and collection problems, Dan reveals the latest on exactly what to expect from the IRS and exactly how you can best help your clients weather the latest storm.

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