Tax Solution Seminars

Tax Solutions Seminars are two hour information-packed seminars that can can help you whether you have a problem, want to avoid problems or want to make sure you're not paying more taxes than you owe. Seminar topics include tax-saving strategies and tax debt remedies. You'll also have the opportunity to speak with Dan Pilla or one of his Tax Freedom Institute Tax Professionals about your situation.

Best of all, Tax Solutions Seminars are free!!

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Taxpayers Defense Seminar

Do you have IRS collection problems? Are you looking for an inexpensive remedy guaranteed to help you solve your problem? Then you need to attend Dan Pilla's annual Taxpayers' Defense Conference. This once a year, two day seminar goes into depth on the cutting edge of taxpayers defense strategies. Topics include changes to taxpayers' rights, and to programs regarding tax collection. It is mandatory that you understand how changes will affect you in the prevention or resolution of IRS problems, See Taxpayers Defense Conference page for prior topics or outline for next conference.

For those who have a current IRS enforcement problem, your attendance at the conference entitles you to free personal consultation with me or one of the members of my tax professional association, the Tax Freedom Institute. As many as three dozen TFI members attend this conference and give of their time to people with current problems. You have the opportunity for private, personal consultation about your problem.

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