Just over a year into his reign, Obama has already gift-wrapped the Holy Grail that IRS auditors have lusted after for years ­– a green light to go after you with a vengeance.

Cash-hungry revenue agents -- with ruthless disregard for personal privacy and contempt for your Constitutional rights -- are about to unleash a taxpayer audit jihad. I can help you get your ducks in a row. Here’s everything you need to know…


Dear Friend of Liberty:

Only an ostrich with its head in the sand could miss the obvious fact that the U.S. government’s finances are as bad as they’ve ever been – and getting worse.

But what is not so obvious is exactly how Obama plans to refill the depleted Treasury.

As I’ll reveal here in detail, the president has gift-wrapped and handed to the IRS its most deeply coveted prize -- a green light to go after U.S. taxpayers tooth and nail.

Obama’s funding emergency is so severe, Congress has quietly authorized the IRS to suck up every greenback that isn’t nailed down, no matter what.

To help make it happen, Obama’s current budget proposal for the IRS will give the agency over $12 billion, with resources designated to hire as many as 2,200 more auditors and tax collectors – and that doesn’t even begin to address what the agency will need to administer the new health care bill!

But the shocking circumstances of the federal government’s deep debt -- in addition to its scary cash-flow problems -- are far greater than the White House, Congress, or their media lapdogs will ever fess up to.


Government Revenue-Collectors Are Dangerously Desperate


The stage is set and the die is cast: U.S. taxpayers (you and I) are about to endure a withering reign of cash-and-asset-grabbing by a financially desperate, totally bankrupt (financially and morally) federal establishment.

There is absolutely no precedent in 200 years of U.S. history to match the government’s current cash crisis. (Not an exaggeration, as I explain shortly.)

From a solvency point of view, the federal government is a hungry, cornered, potentially rabid animal. Even the family dog will turn around and bite you if he is hurt or threatened.

History is being made. As a taxpayer, you are at ground-zero of the federal government’s unprecedented bankruptcy crisis. Meaning if you don’t take sensible precautions now, cash-desperate IRS agents are going to focus their sights on you.

That’s why I am writing today -– to make sure you are prepared for the day when the IRS’s army of new auditors comes knocking. Or better yet, so well prepared that they choose to knock on someone else’s door instead.


I’m Not Sitting Around Waiting to Be Fleeced.
Here’s My Plan to Survive and Prosper!


Only an airtight, ahead-of-the-curve, self-protection plan can shield you, your family or your business from the onslaught of IRS audits and other government tricks soon to be unleashed against unsuspecting taxpayers. I’ll reveal just such a plan right here.

You will NOT find this unique information anywhere else, so please give this month’s special Bonus Briefing your full attention.

You see, the “good” news is desperate federal officials will go for the easy pickings first -- namely the majority of people and businesses who don’t understand what’s coming and fail to prepare.

I continue to firmly believe in the importance of avoiding the herd. Put another way, if an angry bear (okay, the IRS) is chasing you and another fellow through the woods, you need not be faster than the bear; you only have to be faster than the other fellow.

I’m going to make very sure that you will not be among the millions of taxpayers who get caught flat-footed in the coming IRS collection jihad.

With the information I’ve collected for you in this briefing, you will be among a select group of forward-thinking Americans who…

1. Have a permanent, fool-proof, stress-free plan to avoid any IRS audit.

2. Know how to audit-proof and penalty-proof your tax return, so leering IRS bureaucrats will look past you and move on to easier prey.

3. Possess specific insider knowledge on how to turn your favorite hobby into a business without running afoul of the IRS or the law. (This will enable you and your loved ones to continue to bring in money and enjoy some great tax breaks even as job opportunities continue to evaporate.)

4. Can spot, respond to and utterly defeat automated IRS “correction notices” being sent out to millions of people who don’t owe money. (Over HALF of these notices are completely wrong, yet most terrified recipients pay up anyway. And get this – over 100 million notices were mailed out last year alone!

My point is you don’t have to let yourself become a victim in the Obama administration’s coming taxpayer audit blitzkrieg.


IRS Already Launched it's First wave of Attacks Target: Your Small Business


Last fall I reported that the IRS promised in its written Strategic Plan a flurry of new attacks on the public in a variety of areas. What was a mere promise last fall is now a reality. Just last week, the IRS launched its first wave of audit attacks.

It comes as no surprise to me that the lion’s share of these new audit attacks are pointed squarely at small businesses. What does surprise me is the level of aggressiveness with which the IRS intends to carry out the attacks. The agency identified four specific areas that it will focus on. I reveal them here.

1. The misclassification of workers as independent contractors. Employment taxes represent a staggering cost to businesses, both in terms of money and time. That’s why many businesses look for ways to trim costs by reducing employees. One strategy is to use independent contractors to perform services rather than employees. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you go about it the wrong way, you open yourself up to substantial tax assessments with penalties and interest.

Because employment taxes are such an important revenue source, the IRS is determined to audit as many businesses as possible and to squeeze out every possible dollar. So beginning immediately, the IRS is launching thousands of random audits of small businesses. But that’s just the beginning.

Once the IRS has the audit program fully developed and refined, it will loose its agents upon businesses on a much wider scale. The agency is training 200 revenue agents right now to conduct these audits. Plus, it’s in the process of hiring nearly 2,200 more agents this year help carry the load. Even worse, the results of the audits will be shared with the states so they can get in line behind the IRS to pick the bones clean.

2. Employment tax return non-filers. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration recently called on the IRS to step up enforcement against businesses that don’t file employment tax returns or pay employment taxes on time. The IRS is now expanding its audits to randomly probe businesses for employment tax compliance.

3. Payment of fringe benefits to employees. To illustrate how desperate for money the federal government now is, the random audit program targeted at small businesses will also focus on the payment of fringe benefits to employees. Look for the IRS to work on taxing every possible benefit your company pays. And of course, it intends to squeeze that money out of your pocket.

These and other issues are of growing concern but most small business owners will not even see this coming. Too many tax return preparation professionals just do not understand the nuances of these issues, or even that the IRS will challenge them. That’s why I expect many business owners to be blindsided. And that could cost you a fortune.

Frankly, I’m personally alarmed by the coming ruthless tax collection tactics Congress has quietly authorized the IRS to inflict on Americans.


There Are Now More Moochers Than There Are Taxpayers


Now here’s where things get truly scary! Successive administrations have steadily reduced the number of voters who also happen to pay income taxes.  As an editorial in Investors Business Daily recently confirmed: “More than 85% of the personal income tax is paid by a small, overtaxed band of Americans who in number are less than 25% of eligible voters.”

Worse, the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that Obama’s plans to remove even more “disadvantaged” people from the tax rolls (using a system of credits) means that a majority of people who vote in the next election will be nontaxpayers, fully able to tax an oppressed minority (you and me) with impunity, without themselves paying any income tax at all!

It goes without saying there are not enough voting taxpayers left to ensure Washington treats us with respect.

So it falls to you and me, and millions of hard-working people like us, to ensure that our rights as U.S. citizens are protected -- because most voters no longer have any skin in the game when it comes to paying income tax. Most voters simply don’t care if some other segment of the populace are being abused with IRS audits.


Someone You Know Will Need IRS Audit Protection --
Batten Down the Hatches!


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Avoiding and/or coping successfully with an audit.

My kit also delivers priceless information on how to evaluate and respond to the millions of automated notices the IRS cranks out annually, demanding money from unsuspecting people. Most just roll over and pay the bill -- when in fact I’ve shown that these IRS demand letters have a worse than 50% error rate!

One of the most important features in my workbook (also included in the kit) is all the forms and documents you need to completely audit-proof your personal tax return! And not just audit-proof it either -– if you follow his simple instructions the IRS will not even be able to sock you with expensive penalties.

And if you ever are slapped with fines or penalties, this material will even show you how to cancel them!


You or Someone You Know Will Be Faced With
A Nasty IRS Encounter, and Soon – Get Ready Now!


A little history about me: my meticulous research into the IRS has led me to write eleven books, dozens of research reports and hundreds of articles in taxpayers’ rights issues. I am the national “go-to” guy when it comes to ANY trouble with the IRS. Even the Associated Press once stated: “Dan Pilla probably knows more about IRS than the commissioner of the IRS.”

Concerning my IRS Problem Solver book, the Wall Street Journal recently cited it as the best tax book in the nation, noting: 

“Daniel J. Pilla provides nine valuable secrets to win-ning your audit, but bear in mind that the general rule is never try to handle an IRS audit yourself (it’s like trying to perform your own brain surgery). [He] supplies plenty of sample form letters – requesting an abatement of penalties, for instance, or asking for the release of a levy placed on your salary – that could be used to respond to almost anything the IRS throws at you.”

I got started with my career at age 18. I cut my professional teeth by whipping the IRS after they shut down my father’s family business. I locked myself in a law library, researching the tax code until I found proof the IRS was acting illegally. I then sued the IRS in court and convinced a judge to stop the IRS’s overzealous actions.

Some 30 years later, I’ve helped literally tens of thousands of honest citizens defend their rights and protect what’s theirs from the grapping hands of the IRS.


Never Fear an Audit or IRS Encounter Again -- Guaranteed


Once you hear my CD series and apply the lessons in my manual and easy-to-use workbook, you are much less likely to ever face an audit. And if you do, you’ll be greatly empowered. I’ve proven time and again that the IRS is dead wrong in its audit results between 60 and 90% of the time. And while people fear audits, the fact is IRS auditors have no power over you whatsoever.

In one section, I share my secrets accumulated in 30+ years of actively helping people through real tax audits. You’ll learn:

Recapping, the IRS Problem Solver Series includes my amazing workbook, my 5 instructional CDs plus a critical, 300-page “how-to” book.

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Rest assured, with all the audits coming down the pike, you or someone you know is going to want to have all this information in your hip pocket.

And in the meantime, you can begin audit-proofing and penalty-proofing your tax returns going forward.

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Let me sum up all that your modest investment of $129 gets you:

By ordering this $129 special now, you will be able to sleep well at night with the knowledge that you and everyone you know has a significant added layer of protection against the coming IRS audit onslaught.

As I mentioned, even under procedures that are already in place today, the IRS slaps some sort of fine or penalty on 1 out of 4 taxpayers. And that doesn’t even count the number of bogus computer notices the agency mails out annually by the millions. That means that sometime in the next four to five years, your number is likely to come up.

And when it does, your small investment today in the 293-page IRS Problem Solver Manual is going to pay off in spades. Basically you are buying very cheap protection that is virtually certain to pay off in the very near future.


This MUST-HAVE Product is TOTALLY Guaranteed!


Best of all, this product is completely and totally guaranteed. If for any reason you don’t want to keep this information for emergencies or problems, or if you decide no one you care about will ever be abused by the IRS, you simply return it to me for a full refund. That’s it. No arguments, no hassle, no risk.

My five-component taxpayer protection kit is the perfect armor you need to gird for the coming IRS audit Jihad.

When the IRS comes calling, you will be one of the few people in America whose day (or year) it won’t ruin, because you will have taken the defensive steps needed to protect yourself.

Millions of Americans and small businesses are going to be blindsided with an unwelcome and highly-intrusive audit in the coming months and years. You’ll be glad you took steps to avoid becoming a victim.

Yours in Preparation and Self-Reliance,


Dan Pilla

Tax Litigation Consultant

Author of The IRS Problem Solver


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