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Dan Pilla Small Business Tax Guide 301





The Complete Guide to

Organizing and Operating Your Small Business

Complete discussions on:
   - The best business entity structures for your business
   - Hiring employees or using independent contractors
   - How to properly set up and use an office in your home
   - How to avoid the IRS’s costly “hobby loss” rules
   - How to avoid tax penalties that can kill your business
   - How to properly deduct business travel and mileage expenses, 
   - Understanding the complex new rules for business meals and           entertainment expenses
   - Dan’s  recordkeeping system to keep you out of trouble with the IRS

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Available to ship starting
November 12, 2019


How to Get Tax Amnesty 2016





Dan Pilla's detailed guide to tax debt forgiveness.

This is the book that started the Tax problem resolution industry. All the current IRS programs are detailed. Understand the programs the IRS has to solve tax debt when unable to pay, even personally assessed business taxes and disallowed tax shelters. Learn how to be forgiven of tax debts, including penalties and interest. 

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NOTE: This latest version of How to Get Tax Amnesty replaces all prior Tax Amnesty books and Supplements. Published May 2016.




Step-by-step guide to audit defense.

This book takes you step-by-step through the audit process, from start to finish. Dan  shows you how to correct prior erroneous audits. Lost records? No problem. Dan shows you how to reconstruct those records to support your tax return. There is even a special feature on dealing with Identity Theft.  This book is a must if you file a tax return, even if you’re not presently under audit.

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Canceling penalties and interest,
responding to IRS notices. 

THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER book deals with penalties, shows how to avoid age and bank levies, appeal adverse IRS decisions, how to utilize  the  Taxpayer Advocate Service and more... THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER book gives taxpayers the power to take on th IRS and helps prevent tax calamities for all Americans who file tax returns.

A necessity for those who’ve just received a notice from the IRS.

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Rated the #1 tax book in America by the Wall Street Journal!


Eliminate Taxes on Debt Forgiveness Book CD by Dan Pilla



 Actions, Petitions and Procedures to defend against IRS abuse.

This massive manual shows you how to use the Freedom of Information Act, how to use the United States Tax Court, how to get a refund of overpaid taxes, and even how to make the IRS pay your fees and costs when you win your fight. Special material includes dealing with tax liens, innocent spouse issues and recovering wrongfully seized property.

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tdm 200



Taxpayers' Ultimate Defense Manual

  This manual provides nine different actions, petitions and lawsuits you 
  can file to: 
      - Recover illegally seized property; 
      - Make the IRS pay when they lose; 
      - Challenge a bogus audit decision, 
      - Claim a refund on past returns; 
      - Protect the assets of an innocent spouse; 
      - Execute a Collection Due Process Appeal, 
      - Punish IRS agents for unlawful collection activities; 
      - Gain access to secret IRS files they keep on you; 
      - Predict future audits and collection actions against you; 
      - Protect your business, and much more!


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Dan Pilla's "Pilla Talks Taxes" (Monthly Electronic Newsletter)

Dan's information-packed newsletter "Pilla Talks Taxes" has been in continuous publication since 1988. Now, it's in electronic form.  Stay current on new laws, strategies and defenses that show you how to protect and defend your rights, new ways to cut your taxes and how to avoid problems with the IRS. If it is important for you to know, you will find it in this monthly newsletter! You'll see what's going to happen before it happens. You'll survive--even prosper--when others fall victim to ignorance. An e-mail address is needed to order this newsletter.

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Section 199A  Deduction Dan  Pilla

Section 199A Deduction: How To Maximize Benefits

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced sweeping changes, including adding Section 199A to the code. Individuals, estates, and trusts may now deduct up to 20% of their qualified business income from sole proprietorships and pass-through entities. But like all new tax reforms, this section is also clouded by layers of ambiguity and uncertainty. This report includes detailed discussions on
          - Ways to maximize the Section 199A deduction
      - How to properly calculate the 199A deduction
          -  What is QBI
      - Insights on income thresholds and eligibility
      - And more... 

PDF format, 40 pages  Order Now  $39.95



Meals Entertainment Section 274 Daniel Pilla


Meals And Entertain Deductions
under Amended Section 274 

Learn about amendments to code 274(a)1, what the Jobs Act did and did not do to meals and entertainment expenses, and how to keep proper records of meals.  Dan Discusses the nuances of the law explaining the difference between “meals” and “entertainment,” how to reconstruct lost or incomplete records, and what the October 2018 update from the IRS taught us. Meals and entertainment deductions can really add up—make sure you are deducting every penny you can.

PDF format, 17 pages  Order Now  $19.95




Audio sets available as USB Mp3s

  Need Continuing Education credits?




     Taxpayers' Defense Conference Audio Sets

During each years conference, Dan provides up to thirteen hours of live presentation on the latest developments in our tax laws and taxpayers' rights. This conference is a must for tax professionals dealing with tax resolution.

The annual Taxpayers' Defense Conference takes place each fall, with recordings of the conference available as USB Mp3s. Each set includes audio recordings and outline of that years conference.

Are You a Tax Professional in need of Educational Credits?
Sets available with educational credits. 

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Current sets with CE credits $249 per set

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 irs problem solver CD Dan Pilla



The IRS Problem Solver CD Set

A Five-part Audio Presentation that Brings
the Nation's #1 Tax Book to life!

THE IRS PROBLEM SOLVER CD set includes six CDs: Five audio CDs and one CD of the workbook .


CD Set only -  $99.95  
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Package with both book and CD set - $115  
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 Tax Solutions Seminar DVD

For years, Dan conducted public seminars on effective strategies for cutting taxes and solving tax problems. If you were not able to attend one of these you can now get the seminar on DVD!

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Note: Any package pricing on the DVD is not current, contact us for current packages and pricing.



Dan Pilla Tax Problem Resolution Package 3



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