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Bob Brooks of Prudent Money
IRS Expert Dan Pilla 


Insider Secrets to Surviving the IRS Package



- Know What the IRS is Saying About YOU
- How to Find All Your Deductions and Claim Them 
- How to Audit-proof and Penalty-proof Your Tax Return 
Never Fear an Audit
- How to Prove Deductions and Verify Income 
- How to Successfully Challenge Erroneous Information Returns 
How to Prevent and Solve Identity Theft


Everything you see here is included... 

















This is the most comprehensive audit defense guide ever written.
The book takes you step-by-step through the audit process, start
to finish.
  Dan shows you
       - how and why the IRS selects returns 
for audit
       - how to 
respond to audit notices
       - ground rules to establish before your audit
       -how to stop the IRS from contacting your bank employer,
             friends, neighbors 
       - how to keep an audit from wrecking your life!

You learn how to correct prior erroneous audits.
Lost records? No problem.
Dan shows you how to 
reconstruct those records to support your tax return. 

There is even a special section on dealing with Identity Theft.


Dan’s FOIA Request Kit gives you sample letters, forms and
step-by-step instructions for 
gaining access to all the files
the IRS keeps on you. Use this kit to get immediate access
to your Individual Master File and Business Master File records
to see what the IRS has done in your case and what they
might have planned. The kit also includes up-to-date
information to translate all the computer codes the IRS uses,
so you know exactly what these records are telling you.


Use the techniques and strategies in this book to cut your
taxes to their lowest legal level. Learn how to get your
tax refund in every paycheck and keep from overpaying
your taxes. You’ll also learn how to audit-proof and
penalty-proof your tax return so you can claim all your
deductions without risk. Bonus materials include commonly
overlooked deductions and retirement account strategies.  








































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