Tax Amnesty Dan Pilla

Here is the book that started the Tax Problem Resolution industry 

                 "Fresh Start Program?"
Dan Pilla
s master work and national bestseller helps you understand the IRS programs available as well as important information to protect yourself as you deal with the IRS.  Click here for more details!

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About 20 years ago I was in the middle of "tax debt hell." After a failed marriage, lost wages and trying to catch-up with my tax debt, the IRS was pursuing diligently with all kinds of penalties that amounted close to $30K. Thanks to a radio commercial, I heard about your book "Tax Amnesty" and quickly ordered it. It took a few years, but through the steps outlined in your book, I was able to settle and pay the tax burden. I can't begin tell you the feeling I got when that burden was lifted from me. Today I have a great marriage, a house, excellent credit, and file every year without any worries. Thanks for all the work you do! Your work was a gift from God to me. Sorry for not thanking you sooner. May the Lord continue to bless the work he's given you.
Dan, from Pennsylvania.